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Our AP Cloud service gives you the ability to run your accounts payable processes completely digitally, minimise manual effort and maximise operational efficiency. Our solution provides a cost-effective way for small to medium-sized businesses to realise the benefits of AP automation.

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Achieve AP Automation in weeks

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Accounts payable automation is a hot topic right now – a simple google search for “AP automation” returns over 80m results. A recent report from the Tungsten Network identifying that automating and optimising the procure to pay process was regarded as the highest priority in the near term. It’s not a surprise, the pandemic threw many core business processes into disarray as people were unable to get into offices and follow their manual processes.

Accounts payable is an area that is easier than others to automate, with new technologies making the data capture, validation and workflow much easier. Consider that over 72% of organisations are spending as much as 520 hours per year on manual accounts payable tasks the opportunity to drive real time cost savings is huge and the time to act on AP automation is now.

How AP Automation can help an organisation

Your Accounts Payable (AP)  function is an incredibly important part of your business and an area that has been challenged throughout the pandemic. Organisations that have typically had more manual, paper-based, processes have been hit particular hard as staff were forced to work from home. As business start to emerge from the pandemic and enter the ‘new normal’ a lot of focus is being put on optimising and automating back office functions, how can AP Automation help your business?

Completely Digital Workflow

With AP Automation, you never have to deal with a paper invoice again, this is particularly important in ensuring that invoices can be processed with staff working remotely but also approved digitally as well. You get a full digital audit trail through AP automation platforms making it perfect to ensure audit compliance.

Fraud Mitigation

Invoice fraud is a growing issue across the region with scammers working on very sophisticated ways to intercept invoices and manipulate them. Digital invoice processing and accounts payable automation solves this problem as you can embed automated data verification of a number of key data points such as:

  • External Supplier validation
  • Business Number validation
  • Internal supplier details validations
  • Duplicate check
  • Purchase order matching
  • Bank account verification

Data verification of invoice data through AP Automation can completely mitigate the risk of invoice fraud. 

Improved Accuracy and Reduction in Manual Work

One of the main tenets of AP automation is the ability to shift high volume, low value transactional activities, like manual entry of data, away from your staff so they can focus on higher value activities. With AP Automation, invoice data is captured digitally vastly reducing manual intervention and nearly eliminating data entry errors – consider that manual entry of invoice data accounts for 3.6% of errors on invoices requiring to be fixed. (AP Association Facts and Statistics).

Increased Control

AP Automation drives greater control over how your invoices are processed and ensures that financial and approval policies are adhered to. This control is driven by the approval and exception workflows that are created in your AP Automation platform. Consider that 54% of businesses said invoices were being sent to the wrong place (AP Association Facts and Statistics), thats a huge waste of resource time in trying to manually resolve – AP automation can remove this type of wasted effort.

Achieve AP Automation in weeks

How does it work? 6 Simple steps to Go-Live

PAYG AP workflow

How long does it take to deploy?

You can be reaping the benefits of AP Automation within 4 weeks.

What does my subscription cover?

 Email Gateway to receive invoices

  Electronic Approvals and Audit Trail

  Invoice data capture

  Supplier and billing data integration

  Workflow and coding of invoices 

  ERP Integration

  Operator validated invoice data

9 to 5 live support

Achieve AP Automation in weeks

How AP Automation will help your business


    Reducing your AP costs by cutting out manual data entry.


    Ensure your suppliers are paid on time keeping your supply chain functioning with full visibility.


    All invoice approvals will remain compliant and in line with your company policies, with a full digital audit trail.


    A flexible and scalable pay as you go subscription that can be cancelled at any time.


    Ensure you have accurate accounts payable data to drive efficiency insights.

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Achieve AP Automation in weeks

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