Automating Customer Service Processes

Automating Customer Service Processes

Companies across industries are adopting intelligent automation as part of their digital transformation strategy to become more efficient, boost customer service and increase revenues.

Service-oriented companies, e.g. in retail, financial services, business consulting, hospitality have improved customer satisfaction, compensated for shortage of human workforce and become faster and more accurate in operations by utilising Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

We have worked with a wide range of service-oriented companies saving time and money, ensuring error-free delivery and improving business processes. Customers benefit when service agents are available and empowered to respond to requests. Transforming non-integrated systems and reducing repetitive steps is possible.

Integrate Web Fronts to Old Legacy

RPA can assist efficiently in the process of copying data from customer emails or web-forms. The team e-mail inbox response can be automated to select the CRM or ERP systems and classify customer inquiries.

Automate Incoming Emails

Large customer service units have front line staff handle incoming mail ensuring requests end up with the right team. Intelligent process automation releases team resources for more value-added tasks.

Retrieve Customer Orders

Suppliers may have to use business systems or extranet portals that require staff to enter data online. Retrieving data from a portal or entering data to an ERP system can frequently be a time consuming and error-prone activity RPA can automate the cutting and pasting required for procurement forms and simplify the process for large business and suppliers.

Automate Mass Activations

Mass campaigns to activate customers can flood the customer service team unless the onboarding process is fully automated. Digital Workers can handle routine requests for new service activation bridging a gap until the onboarding process is fully automated or balancing the workload during the transformation of the new processes involved.

Plan Workforce

Many companies already use robots for creating a baseline plan for their workforce. Balancing resources and demands is mainly based on simple rules, forecasting, and agent qualifications. Automation can create a plan for the Team Lead to finetune and finalise.

Manage Peak Loads

Resourcing front line client service teams can be challenging due to fluctuating seasonal and peak demand times. Automation can tackle peak loads with greater flexibility according to your resourcing plans and availability of part-time staff.

What other Customer Service processes would be suitable for automation?

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