Health Care Automation – Enabling more time with Patients

Health Care Automation – Enabling more time with Patients

There is a vast potential in both administrative and clinical processes for health and social care automation. Automation can handle referrals, bookings, laboratory, radiology and pathology results, or create request forms. In addition, reporting, quality assurance, HR, finance, and IT processes are widely targeted for automation. EHR changes, as well as patient and population risk and resource analysis are well-suited for RPA.

Applying cognitive automation in Health and Social Care

The main reason to look into deploying automation in Health and Social Care is to create more hours for meaningful work, increase patient safety and improve quality.

Healthcare Process Automation examples



A robot can classify test results, and if they are normal, make an EHR note and send patients an SMS text or e-letter.

We have automated the lab results process of sexually transmitted disease tests for a large urban Nordic Health Care Authority. Normal results occur 95 % of the time and due to automation, the doctor now has to handle only the remaining 5 per cent.

We are currently developing several variations to automate handling of laboratory, pathology and radiology results. Automation of patient follow-up is also being developed with several customers. A person with a chronic disease like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), can receive normal lab results from regular tests through automation and RPA can assist with patient reminders and make control booking appointments with the healthcare team.


End to end automation of the health care plan begins with a person completing their digital symptom questionnaire.

Digital Workers transfer the data to the EHR- system, classify it, create a personalised lab request form and inform the patient.

After the laboratory test the robot classifies the results, and if normal, writes the EHR notes and informs the patient. If the results are abnormal, the robot will book a time for the doctor and pre-write a standardised prescription for the patient.


The robot can automatically count how many additional staff are needed and request them from a temp agency.

In Espoo, a city of over 270,000, our robot counts how many patients are in care, how many employees are available and not on leave or on holidays and orders the temporary staff from a temp agency. This automation has helped the nurses in Espoo City home care, starting from one service area and is currently ramped up to all five service areas saving several fte, (full-time equivalent) for patient work.


Our robots are utilised to direct referrals to the right clinic and clinician in large healthcare units.

AI based machine learning is used to improve classification over time. Furthermore, when a structured referral is used, e.g. for cataract surgery, the doctor’s referral decision making, i.e. admission for care and urgency can also be automated based on rules developed by clinicians.

Our robot currently directs people to their right clinician in a large university hospital.


Serious patient safety incidents result from EHR systems that do not redirect radiology reports to the doctor on shift and track the handling of reports.

To improve patient outcomes our robots automate the radiology report handling system to notify doctors on shift and track follow-up.

Pathology and laboratory reports have similar potential for automation.


We have automated the application handling of parental allowance.

This is an end to end automation of the social care process with robots completing the rule-based approval of parental allowance.

Social allowances have great potential for automation as the decision- making is primarily rule-based. AI based OCR can be combined with RPA to read documents, e.g. certificates, sent as images via mobile devices.

Valtatech’s robotic process automation services in partnership with Digital Workforce are the leading provider of clever automation in Health and Social care for the Nordic region, where we have automated over 200 processes. We have a dedicated health team, including deep expertise in medicine, process leaning, robotics and AI. Our partners Digital Workforce also have a medical device CE-certification for clinical process automation.

Process Automation Heat-map for Healthcare

Liberate healthcare professionals from repetitive administrative tasks

Free them up to spend more time with patients

Automating healthcare processes provides many benefits:

RPA is a proven technology. Just like how computers replaced calculators for better business efficiency, RPA is being used to build businesses that are faster and better than their competitors.

Digital workers are revolutionising the workplace. The deployment of a digital workforce is fast and economical, no changes are required to existing information systems. Transformation promotes a flawless and stable work process that reduces human error.

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