A simple solution for Epicor AP Automation through fully automated invoice data capture and validation in as little as 6 weeks with InvoiceSense

We take care of the invoice data capture and validation so your Accounts Payable team can focus on value adding activities rather than data entry.

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Our InvoiceSense solutions help businesses drive Epicor AP automation and efficiency by providing a cost effective, state of the art invoice data capture and validation and eInvoicing options that automates your suppliers invoice data entry regardless of how your suppliers are sending their invoices.  A full service model, we ensure that there is no manual invoice data entry or validation required from you. Helping you drastically reduce the risk of invoice fraud whilst driving automation and optimisation.

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Our InvoiceSense has helped the data entry and validation of:




worth of invoices



264,844 Invoices

Worth $660m

From over 13,747 Suppliers

*Data From January to December 2021

Full header data capture and invoice validation of over 40,000 PDF, image-based and Peppol invoices per year through InvoiceSense integrated into their procure to pay platform.

Full header data capture and invoice validation of over 200,000 PDF and image-based invoices per year through InvoiceSense then into their procure to pay platform.

Full header data capture and invoice validation of over 5,000 PDF and image-based invoices per year through InvoiceSense.

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How can InvoiceSense Drive Epicor AP Automation?

Challenge – Data entering invoices from suppliers received via email


Supplier submits their invoice to an email address and processed through InvoiceSense which automatically extracts the invoice data, validates the data and imports the invoice into Epicor with full header data captured automatically, driving Epicor AP Automation.


No manual invoice data entry work required for your Accounts Payable team. Enabling them to focus on more value adding activities.

Invoice Receipt

Invoices are received by you and automatically forwarded to a dedicated invoice email inbox run by us. Invoices can be scanned images of paper documents, text-based or image-based PDFs. Supported file formats by our service include the following file types png, jpeg, jpg, pdf, tiff, and tif.

Data Capture

Our Intelligent Data Capture module is powered by AI driven optical character recognition (OCR) supported by machine learning capabilities to automatically capture the data from the invoice. Mandatory data capture fields will be agreed with you to ensure that business rules further down the chain can be utilised (e.g. capturing PO number, client number etc). Data not captured accurately by the service is augmented by the Valtatech team, which in turn feeds the AI engine to learn from the exception resolution.

Data Validation

Captured invoice data is validated by our Validation Engine running a series of data checks against the captured invoice data to ensure the validity of the invoice. This can include supplier validation against your supplier master data, ABN checks, invoice data checks (e.g. GST is 10% etc). Any exceptions are, typically, sent to you for resolution via an exception workflow. Resolutions, again feed our artificial intelligence to learn from the exception resolution.

Invoice Created in Epicor

The validated invoice record is automatically created in Epicor ready for processing.

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Challenge – Validating ABN details of a supplier on an invoice


Automated validation of ABN and tax registration status through Australian Business Registry through InvoiceSense, If supplier’s ABN is not valid or GST registration status is not active the invoice will be flagged as an exception to be checked, driving Epicor AP Automation.


Complete confidence that company details are correct on the invoice and that you are correctly identifying GST claims on each invoice accurately.

Challenge – Validating bank account details on incoming invoices


Bank account information on an invoice will be checked against the bank details you have on the supplier record in Epicor automatically through InvoiceSense. If the bank account is different, this will be highlighted as an error message against the invoice in via the exception workflow, driving Epicor AP Automation.


Risk of invoice fraud due to bank account changes on an invoice completely mitigated without any additional work from the Accounts Payable team.

Challenge – Supplier email address validation


Automated supplier email address validation through InvoiceSense, if an email for a valid supplier arrives from a non-approved email address, the transaction will be flagged as an exception for review.


Scalable and automated way to protect your business from processing fraudulent emails, mitigating your risk of invoice fraud.

Implementation Process

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our customers whilst keeping risk and disruption to an absolute minimum. We have a tried and tested deployment methodology to ensure that projects are completed on time, to budget and achieve the expected results of Epicor AP Automation.

Analysis and Design

The analysis and design phase is critical to the project success and is key to the onboarding process to ensure the project is successful.

Build and Test

The build and test phase of the project is where Valtatech carries most of the workload as we take the approved build requirements and configure our platforms for ready for testing.

Deploy and Operate

The final phase of our implementation focuses on ensuring a smooth transition to business as usual and then sets up processes to ensure that we have measures in place to monitor ongoing performance of the service and identify areas of improvement.

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