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You are in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. Big decisions are needed. You want high quality, real-time procure to pay data to drive the right decision.

You go hunting for the data but find…

Systems Integration – An IT or Business Problem?

Integrations are in principle, straightforward. However, if the project is only approached from a technical perspective – and does not include the broader business process stakeholders a number of challenges can arise. One of the most common issues that arise is the resistance of various internal stakeholders, typically from The most typical from your internal IT department.  While the business should be the driver for an integration project, IT departments can sometimes forget their role as a support organisation and want to act as the driver for the integration. This then easily leads into an argument from the IT department that “we can do this ourselves”.

Yet, IT departments typically do not have the required skill set to take on a complex, enterprise-wide data integration projects.  What can happen in these situations is that the organisation loses 6-12 months’ time before they realise that they cannot do the integration project by themselves.

“The complex challenges posed by digital business transformation require a radical change in the integration technology platform and in the way organisations deal with integration”
Massimo Pezzini, Research Vice President – Gartner

How can Valtatech help?

Valtatech’s Integration-as-a-Service does the hard work of integration so you don’t have to. Utilising one of our many pre-built P2P, ERP, CRM, AR, Inventory system connectors we can seamlessly connect your business systems together efficiently and cost-effectively.

Key Benefits of Integration-as-a-Service

Our service connects your systems together to deliver data insights so you have the data you need on-hand when you need it. Combining our source to pay process expertise with our pre-built data integration connectors, all provided through a simple monthly subscription.

Minimal effort required from you

Transparent and simple monthly subscription

24-hour monitoring with and set SLAs

Experts in source to pay processes and systems

How does it work?

Data integration should not start with a technical solution. How an organisation handles its source to pay data can be the difference between having visibility and control over your spend and supply chain and having half a picture and integrated systems that deliver little insights and no value.

We take a simple 4 step approach to data integration to ensure you achieve the insights you need:

We start by focussing on the business process you are looking to enhance and identifying any design considerations to ensure that insights and business value are achieved.  We apply our unique best practice insights and source to pay process and technology expertise to finalise the design.

Identifying the source systems that the data will be extracted from utilising and configuring our pre-built connectors to extract the data securely.

We take the extracted source data and transform it into a format that can be easily integrated with your target system. Utilising our proprietary data transformation platform.

We load the data and make it available in the target system utilising and configuring our pre-built connectors to load the data securely.

Case Study – Multiple data integrations key to full spend visibility

Our client, one of Australia’s leading Hospitality and Entertainment Groups, partnered with Valtatech to deliver a full source to pay transformation involving:

  • Defining and implementing a new business process and operating model around their source to pay processes
  • Implementation and configuration of a new source to pay platform and migration from their legacy platform
  • Integration of data from over 12 different data sources utilising our Integration-as-a-Service
Procure to Pay process optimization

A connected Source to Pay process to drive complete spend visibility

The end result is a fully connected and integrated source to pay process that enables complete spend visibility and control – no more collating data into spreadsheets!

s2p process

Trusted by leading businesses across the region

We are procure to pay automation experts with over 30 years of experience across the team and have been trusted partners of a number of leading organisations to deliver procure to pay automation and optimisation solutions across APAC.

why our customers choose us

Our Focus on Business Value

Value is ultimately a common vision of what success looks like. It’s visibility. It’s savings. It’s user adoption. It’s compliance. It’s best practice. It’s all of that combined. It’s what we define, together, as our shared objective. Value is what we measure, what we strive for.

Partnership Approach

To help drive value, we work with you in an open and transparent way, we position ourselves alongside you every step of the way actively sharing both the risk and benefits with you – ensuring that we succeed together. That’s what we call partnership.

Procure to Pay Expertise

Our team has over 30 year’s experience across successful Procure to Pay transformations across the globe and have worked with some of the leading companies in a number of industries. We provide invaluable insights on how to ensure you are successful.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

We’re really passionate about making sure that you are driving measurable value from your source to pay processes and technology – we’d love to have a chat. Book in a consultation today!