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Our Peppol e-invoicing solutions help businesses drive greater automation and efficiency in Accounts Payable functions by providing a range of cost effective, state of the art e-invoicing options that meet your suppliers where they are. A full service model, we ensure that there is no manual invoice data entry required from you as all data is captured electronically through our platform.

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Valtatech Peppol e-invoicing

Over 1.2 billion Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) invoices are exchanged annually in Australia, the majority of those invoices are sent either as paper invoices or as PDF invoices via email. These are costly ways to process invoices with manual data entry or validation usually required. The Australia Tax Office estimate that:

  • Average invoice processing cost for a paper invoice is $30.87
  • Average invoice processing cost for a PDF invoice is $27.67

Electronic invoicing (or e-invoicing) is the automated digital exchange of invoice information directly between a buyer’s and supplier’s systems, removing the need for any manual data entry or validation. The ATO estimate that it can reduce the cost of processing an invoice down to $9.18.

e-invoices are 66% cheaper to process than PDF invoices.
Australian Taxation Office

Australia, New Zealand and Singapore have all adopted a globally recognised standard for sending e-invoices and e-orders known Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine). This standard enables anyone who is part of the network to easily and safely, send e-invoices and e-orders to each other. The standard also enables a simple and accessible way for businesses to be onboarded onto the network. There are already 200,000+ businesses across 34+ countries on the Peppol network.

How does Peppol e-invoicing work?

Peppol e-invoicing works by suppliers and buyers sending their invoices or orders through their systems to their certified Peppol Access Point. The Access Point verifies the data on the invoice or order and then sends it on to the receivers certified Access Point who transmits the data into their system. This means that data is shared almost instantly into the receivers system without any manual data entry or manipulation required.

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How can Peppol e-invoicing help your business?

Peppol e-invoicing can help support a range of challenges businesses face today:

Onboard ALL your Suppliers

Through our e-invoicing service you connect once then connect all of your trading parties through the Peppol network via our Accredited Access Point. If your trading partner is not on the Peppol network yet, we can help onboard them which doesn’t require any investment from you or your trading partners.

Reduce invoice processing time and save costs

With e-invoicing the invoice data goes from supplier’s accounting system to buyer’s accounting system directly. No more manual entry, no more data corrections, no more chasing missing information and no more enquiries about invoices getting lost or forgotten. This frees up your team to focus on more value adding activities to grow your business. The ATO estimate that moving to e-invoicing can save a business up to 66% in invoice processing costs, reducing the cost per invoice down from $27.67 for a PDF invoice to $9.18 for an e-invoice.

Eliminate Invoice Fraud

We validate that the sender is who they say they are and that bank account details match your records before transmitting the data through the Peppol network. The network itself is highly secure as only accredited Peppol Access Points providers like Valtatech can exchange the documents over the Peppol network. Access providers like us are required to meet strict security protocols equivalent to ISO27001 covering intrusion prevention, multi-factor authentication for privileged user access and data encryption to ensure the security of the network.

Improved Cash Flow

Businesses can be crippled when buyers pay them late, invoices can get missed when its reliant on human intervention. Equally, buyers can miss out on early payment discounts if the invoice is lost or not processed quickly. E-invoicing speeds the whole invoice processing piece up for both sides removing the worry of whether an invoice has been received and processed or not. In Australia, Commonwealth government agencies guarantee 5-day payment terms for e-invoices which makes e-invoicing even more attractive.

Environmentally Friendly

e-invoicing is far more friendly to the environment compared to paper and PDF invoices helping to support your sustainability goals as an organisation.

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