Rapidly Deployed Cloud-Based Accounts Payable System

Do you need to ensure your accounts payable functions continue to run when you can’t work in the office?

We know that some businesses are struggling to keep their accounts payable operations going as they need staff to be physically in the office to keep things moving. As restrictions on movement and travel continue we know that this will get harder for businesses.

We want to help and have developed a short to medium term solution that we believe help businesses weather the storm and maintain a functional, remote-based Accounts Payable team.

We are keen to understand whether businesses would be interested in a monthly subscription-based, rapidly deployed cloud-based accounts payable platform and process – deployed within weeks.

How could this help your business?

Keep paying your suppliers on time and your supply chain functioning as normal as possible. A cloud enabled accounts payable platform ensures that you can process your invoices remotely and quickly.

Ensure that approvals of invoices and company payments are still made in accordance with your policies and procedures. Cloud-based platforms enable  all your payments to remain compliant with a full digital audit trail.

A monthly, scalable subscription gives you the flexibility to ensure you are only paying for what you use and can be cancelled at any time when things become more stable in the future.

How would it work?

AP Deployment model

We have the platform all ready to go, all we need to do is setup your billing strings, users, approval chains and suppliers – all can be done via a one-time upload or we can look at more complex integrations if you’d prefer.

We’ll setup a centralised email inbox just for you and provide you with ready to go templates to send to your suppliers to advise them that all invoices need to be sent to a centralised inbox to be processed.

We have a huge amount of experience and a very flexible middleware platform that can integrate with any ERP to transfer data safely and securely.

We need you to contact your suppliers to let them know that all invoices must be sent to a central email, not via post or to someone in your business.

We capture data all invoice header data and send for approval. Once approved the invoice is automatically transferred for payment. Any exceptions or queries come through, don’t worry – we’ll manage those to ensure they get dealt with.

What would my subscription cover?

  Valtatech Email Gateway – an email address setup into our gateway, for suppliers to send invoices to.

  Automating Invoice Data Extraction – utilising best in class data extraction software and logic, we remove the need for manual data entry.

  Accounts Payable Solution – enabling you to workflow and code invoices according to your ERP.

  Electronic Approvals and Audit Trail – digitally approve all invoices and maintain audit compliance for your invoice payments

  Master data integration – from your ERP output files into the platform including suppliers, accounting segments and users.

  ERP Integration – creation of a ‘Ready to Pay’ file in the format required by your ERP.

How much would it cost?

We want to keep the cost for this down to a minimum and keep it flexible so that you pay for what you use based on the number of invoices you receive per month. The more organisations that are interested in this solution the lower the cost can be – so if you are interested register your interest below.

How long would it take to be deploy?

We have designed the solution so that if you can provide the information that we need, you can be operational within two weeks.

Why Valtatech?

We are source to pay transformation experts with over 30 years of experience across the team and have partnered with a number of leading organisations to deliver cloud-based accounts payable automation and source pay transformations across APAC.

Would your organisation be interested?

Please complete your details below and we will assess interest over the next few days.

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