Valtatech Robotic Process Automation

Our Robotic Process Automation powered by ROBOSHORE, is the next-generation managed RPA service. Our Pay-as-you-go process automation solutions give you rapid, low-fuss access to digital workers.

Valtatech Robotic Process Automation frees your team to focus on your core business by utilising robotic process automation (RPA) to complete the high volume, but low-value transactional activities that take up your teams time. These digital workers delivered through our process automation services can be far more effective than their human counterparts:

  • They are cheaper
  • Are under your complete control
  • Enables your team members to focus on higher-value activities rather than repetitive tasks

Our Robotic Process Automation helps to ensure your competitiveness by delivering high-performance multi-technology process automation solutions from the cloud, supported by 24/7 proactive maintenance that improves the overall quality of your automation.

50% Annual operational productivity gains utilising RPA

80% Cheaper than human workers

65% Cost savings for onshore operations

What are digital workers?

A digital worker is an automated team member trained to carry out a business process just like any employee, only faster and without mistakes. Digital workers operate 24/7, are highly accurate, completely reliable and can utilise multiple data sources and platforms to perform their tasks.

Intelligent business process automation

Digital Workers help automate each stage of the business process leveraging intelligent automation including Robotic Process Automation, Chatbots, Natural Language Processing, alongside other cognitive technologies.

Each digital worker can manage one or more process or task. Additionally, it can be trained to prioritise selected tasks, handle exceptions and learn by doing. Digital workers can be delivered from the cloud or even on location for selected technologies.

Automating business processes provides many benefits:

Robotic Process Automation is a proven technology. Just like how computers replaced calculators for better business efficiency, RPA is being used to build businesses that are faster and better than their competitors.

Digital workers are revolutionising the workplace. The deployment of a digital workforce is fast and economical, no changes are required to existing information systems. Process automation solutions promote a flawless and stable work process that reduces human error.

Unlocking automation potential with different technologies

Traditionally, digital workers have been built utilising Robotic Process Automation making them perfectly capable of managing knowledge work tasks, which are based on a pre-defined business rule. Combining that with new capabilities offered by Natural Language Processing, Chatbots and other artificial intelligence technologies creates digital workers that are empowered to automate more complex tasks and are learning by doing. The results free up even more people from routine tasks and make them available for strategic, value-added work.

Our intelligent digital workers can sense and comprehend:

Unstructured data
in the form of natural text, images, videos, etc.

Tabular data
like financial statements, sensor streams, etc.

They can also converse with humans in natural languages.

We have built these capabilities by using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies like Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Machine Learning and by partnering with innovative companies like, Blue Prism®, Microsoft, and UiPath.

Our Robotic Process Automation Offering

Powered by ROBOSHORE, our robotic process automation offering is full process automation service covering all aspects required to bring your digital workforce to life

  • 1


    Our Workforce Robotic Operating Model Acceleration (ROMA) is an acceleration program that lays the groundwork for a successful intelligent automation solution. It is suitable for organizations just starting their intelligent automation journey, or stuck in poor performance mode. ROMA establishes and implements the required governance models, competencies and capabilities to run industrialised intelligent automation on a day-to-day basis, in-house, with a partner, or as a hybrid solution. ROMA helps you achieve benefits that are targeted for intelligent automation

  • 2


    Our Robotic delivery provides the methodology and best practices for intelligent automation. With our certified consultants, we can help with process definition, automation, testing, deployment and production.

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    The Digital Workforce Robot as a Service, from Azure or a private cloud, is the fastest and the most flexible way to utilise Digital Workers. This industrial automation platform allows for building and connecting with automation capabilities in the same solution.

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    Maintain and Enhance

    Run Management ensures that your automated and business critical processes can run smoothly, 24-7. More importantly, Run Management can handle incidents caused externally due to system or network errors and updates. This service ensures maximised uptime of Blue Prism and UiPath automated processes.

How can Valtatech Robotic Process Automation Help Your Business?

Robotic process automation can be applied to a number of different areas across your operations to drive efficiencies and allow your team to focus on higher value, less transactional activities.

Robotic Process Automation is estimated to have an automation potential of 44% in Finance and Accounting by reducing manual repetitive tasks.

Use of AI can even further accelerate the automation potential. Robots are not only making the finance & accounting processes more efficient but also increase the quality and effectiveness. Our experience shows that process automation solutions are also one of the most effective ways to meet increasing compliance requirements at your organisation.

Typical processes that are automated

GL Closing

Automating repetitive tasks from the month-end process leads to efficiencies and removes bottlenecks. We can automate data transfer from sub-ledgers to the GL, preparing, approving and posting manual journal entries and analyzing the key financial data at month-end for our clients.

Enhance Purchasing

Increases in 3-way match automation rates bringing direct savings to organisations wishing to enhance their purchasing. The automation rate of purchase invoice handling is often lower than necessary due to exceptions in transaction-level data or incomplete master data. We can fix the underlying problems by validating and updating purchase invoice content.

Accounts Receivables

Process Automation reduces time spent on monitoring receivables and makes reminders for overdue payments automatic. Digital workers collect data from legacy systems to monitor bad debt. Experience proves that automated monitoring reduces the total amount of bad debt resulting in increased working capital.

Invoicing Accuracy

Digital Workers are able to monitor the correctness and completeness of invoices. This decreases errors and helps to invoice smaller items missed by manual processing. Improving the invoicing process provides more revenue from existing transactions.

Automated Reporting

Manual preparation of monthly management and authority reports is time-consuming and prone to errors. Robots prepare management report packages saving you time and resources during month-end.  Prepare tax declarations and monitor anomalies in tax transactions with digital workers.


External regulatory requirements are increasing all the time. Digital workers are very effective and efficient control performers. Digital workers are in use preparing, approving and posting manual journal entries and analysing the key financial data at month-end for our clients. Automating these repetitive tasks is an efficient process that removes bottlenecks from the month-end process.

What other Finance and Accounting processes would be suitable for automation?

   HIGH Automation Potential   

   MEDIUM Automation Potential   

Giving repetitive, manual HR tasks to a robot allows HR to focus on more strategic work, employee experience and valuable interaction between employees.

HR teams in large organisations know, how much manual work is involved in hiring and talent acquisition, tracking employees’ time in spreadsheets and payroll. Fluent and flawless payroll with the help of process automation services increases accuracy, timeliness and compliance. The use of software robotics is becoming more common in tasks that require a lot of control and a systematic review of large amounts of data. RPA can be utilised the daily processes required to manage the entire system and with systemic change, when large amounts of data are transferred from an older system into a new one. Robotics, on many levels can replace traditional integration functions enabling flexible and rapid implementation.

Typical processes that are automated

Hours worked

The robot verifies the employee’s hours have been recorded and makes corrections based on reports any differences compared to the shift. Automated reports show if a high number of registered hours, missing hours, overtime, or usage of timeout has occurred for the supervisor to analyse.

Checking Leave Balances

RPA can be applied to automatically reconcile vacation balances between the payroll system and the HR system. Possible exceptions can be reported to the Payroll Team for settlement.

Payroll Transfer and Reports

Automating payroll data transfer reporting with RPA increases accuracy, timeliness and compliance. A robot can fill the information out for each processed payroll file into a checklist according to the ISAE standard requirements and automate payroll reports.

New Employees and Validation

Onboarding employees in the payroll system based on new employee notification forms can be automated. In addition, a software robot can check the required information and report detected deviations in employee data.

Employee Master Data Updates

Automate the transfer of employee master data into the payroll system, and note the successful transfer of each file. Digital Workers can check for master data deviations and inform the Payroll Team.

What other HR and Payroll processes would be suitable for automation?

   HIGH Automation Potential   

   MEDIUM Automation Potential   

RPA is a lighter alternative to integration, because it doesn’t require IT integration or legacy system updates.

In many cases IT organisations also benefit from automation when migrating data out of retiring systems. In larger organisations IT helpdesks receive numerous simple service requests that can be easily automated through process automation services.

Typical processes that are automated

Automation Routine Requests

The IT helpdesk typically receives masses of requests such as resetting of passwords or entering user accounts into a system. Digital Workers help their human colleagues in by picking up the routine tasks from the ticket system leaving more time for people to handle the complex tasks.

Classify Incoming Emails

If the helpdesk traffic is coming from unstructured channels, requests may often be incomplete blocking execution. In many cases, front line personnel classifies or translates the request and routes to the next line of staff for processing. Usually, RPA is faster and more reliable at classifying requests and can eliminate delays and the human factor from the first step of processing requests.

Analyse and Handle Tickets

IT helpdesk ticketing systems often contain a small set of structured data complemented by free format text such as email. Often, RPA alone is not intelligent enough to analyse the free text containing a more detailed explanation of the problem, but when complemented by NLP skills, the robot can understand enough of the request in order to further classify and reroute the request, or report recurring symptoms in a mass of tickets.

Clean Data

The data in legacy systems may be outdated and needs to be cleansed before being entered into a new system. It is not uncommon that legacy systems hold data from many years, even decades. Often cleaning of master data may represent a significant amount of work budgeted for introducing a new system. RPA is used to cross-check data, remove duplicates or to bring up inconsistencies in the data.

Access, Copy and Verify Data

In legacy systems, the database structures have often been corrupted over the years. The fields no longer contain the data they originally did. And the documentation does not reliably reflect changes implemented over the years. In such cases, the User Interface may be the only reliable tool to interpret the data in the system. RPA helps in accessing, copying and verifying the data much faster than any human could ever do.

Provide Automated Service 24/7

IT helpdesk staff are often expected to provide service 24/7. RPA robots are often used to serve clients on the night shift through chatbots, IVR or similar interfaces that perform time-critical activities or send notifications to those on call to assist when a robot falls short of skills but evaluates the situation as severe enough to notify a backup person.

What other IT processes would be suitable for automation?

   HIGH Automation Potential   

   MEDIUM Automation Potential   

Companies across industries are adopting intelligent automation as part of their digital transformation strategy to become more efficient, boost customer service and increase revenues.

Service-oriented companies, e.g. in retail, financial services, business consulting, hospitality have improved customer satisfaction, compensated for shortage of human workforce and become faster and more accurate in operations by utilising Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Our partners, Digital Workforce, have worked with a wide range of service-oriented companies saving time and money, ensuring error-free delivery and improving business processes. Customers benefit when service agents are available and empowered to respond to requests. Transforming non-integrated systems and reducing repetitive steps is possible through process automation solutions.

Typical processes that are automated

Integrate Web Fronts to Old Legacy

RPA can assist efficiently in the process of copying data from customer emails or web-forms. The team e-mail inbox response can be automated to select the CRM or ERP systems and classify customer inquiries.

Automate Incoming Emails

Large customer service units have front line staff handle incoming mail ensuring requests end up with the right team. Intelligent process automation releases team resources for more value-added tasks.

Retrieve Customer Orders

Suppliers may have to use business systems or extranet portals that require staff to enter data online. Retrieving data from a portal or entering data to an ERP system can frequently be a time consuming and error-prone activity RPA can automate the cutting and pasting required for procurement forms and simplify the process for large business and suppliers.

Automate Mass Activations

Mass campaigns to activate customers can flood the customer service team unless the onboarding process is fully automated. Digital Workers can handle routine requests for new service activation bridging a gap until the onboarding process is fully automated or balancing the workload during the transformation of the new processes involved.

Plan Workforce

Many companies already use robots for creating a baseline plan for their workforce. Balancing resources and demands is mainly based on simple rules, forecasting, and agent qualifications. Automation can create a plan for the Team Lead to finetune and finalise.

Manage Peak Loads

Resourcing front line client service teams can be challenging due to fluctuating seasonal and peak demand times. Automation can tackle peak loads with greater flexibility according to your resourcing plans and availability of part-time staff.

What other Customer Service processes would be suitable for automation?

   HIGH Automation Potential   

   MEDIUM Automation Potential   

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