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Is your RPA journey losing speed?

Run Management ensures that your automated and business-critical processes can run smoothly, 24-7. More importantly, Run Management can handle incidents caused externally due to system or network errors and updates. This service ensures maximised uptime of Blue Prism and UiPath automated processes.

Quality assurance

Run Management improves the overall quality of automation, as processes must pass a validation review. Only audited processes are accepted to production.


Digital Workforce Run Management is available for our Robot as a Service and on-premise customers and for organisations who have built their RPA environment in-house or with another service provider.

No hidden cost

Run Management is available at different service levels, depending on your need for support, and by the hour. The total cost is fully transparent. There are no hidden costs – only a basic fee and process-specific charges. This process-specific fee will vary.

Run Management

RPA maintenance Service ensures business continuity of critical processes.

What if?

a GL/AP/Payroll process for a 50k FTE organisation did not run when it should?

1 downtime day 200000AUD
2 downtime days 400000AUD
3 downtime days 600000AUD
4 downtime days 850000AUD
5 downtime days 1200000AUD

Why Run Management?

The service covers the following areas:

such as incident and problem management. Run Management follows ISO 20000 processes and structure.

including element level changes to target applications

for newly automated processes regardless of the developing body

of the automated processes based on process SLAs.

Trusted by leading businesses across the region

We are process automation and transformation experts with over 30 years of experience across the team and have been trusted partners of a number of leading organisations to deliver process automation and transformation projects across APAC.

why our customers choose us

Our Focus on Business Value

Value is ultimately a common vision of what success looks like. It’s visibility. It’s savings. It’s user adoption. It’s compliance. It’s best practice. It’s all of that combined. It’s what we define, together, as our shared objective. Value is what we measure, what we strive for.

Partnership Approach

To help drive value, we work with you in an open and transparent way, we position ourselves alongside you every step of the way actively sharing both the risk and benefits with you – ensuring that we succeed together. That’s what we call partnership.

Automation Expertise

With over 30 year’s experience across successful process automation transformations across the globe, we have worked with some of the leading companies in a number of industries. We provide invaluable insights on how to ensure you are successful.

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