Scania Australia P2P and ERP Integration Support

March 10, 2021

Scania Australia P2P and ERP Integration Support

Financial process automation experts, Valta Technology Group (Valtatech), were delighted to be selected by Scania Australia to provide technical support for their Procure to Pay (P2P) platform (P2P) and related integrations into their ERP.

Why was Valtatech the right fit for Scania?

Scania Australia were seeking procure to pay platform expertise to provide technical support for their existing P2P platform as their service contract was coming to and end. Valtatech have extensive technical knowledge to be able to support their current P2P platform and related integrations with their ERP system. Valtatech were also able to position this commercially as a service to ensure that the risk of their P2P platform having technical issues was mitigated at an affordable price.

How are Valtatech supporting Scania Australia?

Valtatech are providing support and if required change management for the configuration of their on-premise P2P platform:

  • Troubleshoot and as required provide configuration changes for integrations of the P2P platform with their ERP system and invoice data capture platform
  • Provide functional support for the invoice processing platform, purchase order management platform, invoice scan and capture solution and integration platform

When did the project go live?

The project went live in January 2021.

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