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Hammondcare Peppol eInvoice Implementation Case Study

May 24, 2022

Hammondcare Peppol eInvoice Implementation Case Study

Last year (2020), Australian national health and aged care provider, HammondCare, which cares for more than 28,000 people across 60 locations, supported by  about 4,500 staff and up to 1000 volunteers, undertook a review of their critical business operations, including procurement and payments, to enable better cost control, drive efficiencies, and increase its management team’s visibility over the organisation’s spending.

The Sydney-headquartered independent Christian charity identified its existing procurement and invoicing systems as being no longer fit-for-purpose, and in need of modernisation, and decided to migrate those systems to the cloud to better serve its customers, partners, and growing team of in-home care providers and cut down on manual processing.

Valtatech has helped HammondCare to successfully make the move to the cloud within six  months, while enabling the charity to utilise new and improved functionality within their source to pay processes including:

  • Additional procurement functionality automating and streamlining the RFQ process
  • Requisition workflows which are configured for delegation of authority
  • Providing workflows for spend exception/approval management

Hear from HammondCare’s Head of Procurement, Aaron Passfield, about their transformation

What has been achieved in their accelerated implementation so far?

What has been the most impactful change so far in your transformation?

How has this helped HammondCare fight against invoice fraud?

How did HammondCare get buy-in across the organisation for their transformation?

Why is spend visibility and control so important today?

How has the purchase approval process changed for individual sites?

What activities did HammondCare undertake to help manage the change?

How have smaller suppliers been impacted by the new system and process?

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