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How Can I Send A Peppol eInvoice?

October 06, 2021

How Can I Send A Peppol eInvoice?

Organisations looking to reap the benefits of being able to send Peppol eInvoices and eOrders  have the benefit of choice. But the question on everyone’s mind is how can I send a Peppol eInvoice? In simplistic terms, you need to get set up with a Certified Peppol Access Point Provider like Valtatech. As an access point provider we act as gatekeepers in the Peppol network to ensure that each invoice is in the right format, ensuring that it is a valid invoice , the sender is who they say they are and that it gets to the right receiver.  

There are a number of Access Point providers, like Valtatech, who offer a range of different services to help support businesses to utilise Peppol eInvoicing. Depending on your particular circumstances, existing technology and processes you may require:

  • An integration between your finance systems and the access point
  • To provide additional information to be able to send an invoice
  • Your invoice data export to be converted to a Peppol (BIS) format

an integration between your finance systems and the access point

You need to be able send data into the Peppol network, this is most commonly enabled through an automated integration from your accounts payable (to receive invoices) and accounts receivable (to send invoices) into a Peppol Access Point. You can choose to use a different Access Point to send invoices and a different Access Point to receive them but be mindful that this may create an administrative and overhead management that comes with two providers.

provide additional information to be able to send a peppol einvoice

The Peppol framework has mandatory data requirements to ensure that the security, compliance and robustness of the network is maintained. For Australia and New Zealand, the information that is required is pretty standard to what organisations are already producing to create an invoice at the moment but there may be new fields that you need to create in order to meet the format. Some providers, like Valtatech, can augment some data that is required based off information that is already provided for the invoice – make sure you discuss this with prospective solution providers.

your invoice data export to be converted to a peppol (bis) format

Some finance systems are able to export your invoice data into the format that Peppol requires – Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS). For those that can’t, access point providers like Valtatech are able to translate the invoice date you can export into a BIS format as part of the integration.

timelines for becoming peppol einvoicing enabled

In the simplest of circumstances you can be up and running with Peppol in less than two weeks. More complex systems and processes may take a few weeks. You should ensure that your Access Point provider can support your existing processes and technology and ensure that your use of Peppol will drive the expected benefits for your organisation.

how can i send a peppol einvoice?

Enabling Peppol eInvoicing for your organisation should be simple, value driven and cost effective. We offer a range of different solutions to get your business ready for Peppol eInvoicing.

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