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How Mature Is Your Automation Operating Model?

June 11, 2021

How Mature Is Your Automation Operating Model?

RPA Program Assessment

At Valtatech we want to use our expertise to help business leaders to drive measurable value from their operations. The first step of being able to drive measurable value is to understand where your capabilities are at the moment and how they compare to others. In collaboration with our partners at Digital Workforce, we have created a free online assessment that assesses your current RPA program and identifies positives, observations and recommendations on what to do next.

The free assessment, assesses the following core foundations of your Automation Operating Model that ensures your capability can mature:


Ensuring a robust and scalable digital strategy becomes the foundation of what you build today to support and enable your company’s technological and operational driven goals for tomorrow. RPA has rapidly become a business service that has moved rapidly to the top of organisations plans due to the unprecedented savings and potential other benefits. Due to the rapid growth of RPA now being embedded and utilised in the fabrications of organisations, building a sustainable and intelligent digital strategy is pivotal in ensuring the maturation and growth of a capability to scale.


Defining the process discovery approach to create a credible method in selecting processes for the pipeline governed by a procedure to prioritise the demand to maximise the associated business benefit realisation. The Delivery methodology is a proven means of delivering ongoing business benefit through process automation. Rapid and efficient delivery of automated processes is best done using a defined methodology that allows representatives from the business and IT teams to automate processes in a structured, controlled, and repeatable manner.


A key foundation and underpins the initial phase of your operating model by defining the roles and responsibilities that will operate efficiently in the existing organisational structure whilst supporting the selection of candidates for all roles in the delivery and support teams by providing the optimum training /mentoring approach for the RPA delivery and support teams. Defining the roles & responsibilities ensures a clear segregation of duties between roles to support how the delivery and support teams can operate efficiently within the existing organisational structure.


Defining and designing of a highly scalable and maintainable technical architecture and associated strategies which ensure the environment is being set up to allow maximum business benefit while adhering to IT best practices. The developing of the technology foundation is the setup of the various technology roles and the software Architecture and Components in a manner which can assist easy scalability while building a solution is essential for continued success of all teams involved (Development, Testing and Operational Management).

Your results are calculated instantly and emailed to you, the comprehensive 5 page report provides:

  • An executive summary of your rating
  • How your rating compares against other organisations
  • Based on your responses, for each foundation:
    • Positives that have been identified
    • Observations that have been identified
    • Recommendations on next steps
  • How to seek extra help

Sample Report

Our 5 page report is personalised based on your responses and provides a range of visual, graphical and text based information to help explain your results and what they mean for your business.

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