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Valtatech helps companies around the world reduce cost, manage spend and automate processes

Transform your financial operations with guaranteed outcomes

Rapid speed of innovation, increased local and global competition and major advances in technology means organisations globally are required to change and transform faster than ever. Valta Technology Group helps you accelerate innovation, re-engineer your back office processes and adopt new technology via combination of consulting and managed services. We provide you access to modern, disruptive technology, a consulting framework guaranteed for efficient outcomes and a SMARTsourcing model which balances technology driven automation, insourcing and outsourcing.

Outcome guarantee. We work alongside our clients technical and business teams to deliver results and make our fees contingent to the outcomes.
Our specialities are:

Procure To Pay and Source to Pay transformation

Procure To Pay and Source To Pay technology and process modernisation/transformation. Typical outcomes are reduction in cost per transaction of 50-80%, major uplift in user satisfaction and organisation wide adoption.

Business case build and project design

Nothing more important than positioning your transformation program for success. We build you business case that is realistic, clear on benefits and ambitious and help you and your team deliver results.


We have a framework in place to optimise the sourcing of resources for every back office process and task. Typically, the end result is high level of automation by technology, high value add roles insourced and transactional tasks outsourced offshore or built into logic automated by software robots. We call this SMARTsourcing: sourcing the most efficient method to address every back office activity.

Robotic Process Automation and AI

Implementation and delivery of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence initiatives, including build of Automation Centre of Excellence. Typical use cases: Backoffice, Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain, HR. Delivery of 70-90% per process savings.

Customer service automation

Did you know that more than 60% of the customer service activity can be automated via technology? This uplifts your customer satisfaction, boosts productivity and completely transforms your returns.


Modern Service Integration and Solution Architecture design. all the way from initial integration process design to planning, rapid implementation and delivery on modern integration tools. We either deliver Integration as a Service or train and uplift your team to deliver. End result? Integration will be a core capability of your IT organisation and as always with Valtatech, you are guaranteed for results.

why our customers choose us


Financial process, Procurement and Shared Services. We fix it, we automate it, and we do it transparently and sharing the risk and benefits with you. That’s what we call a partnership.

Shared commitment

Advice has never transformed companies, successful implementation of best practise, technologies and processes has. We deliver, not just advice.

Technology? We GET it.

We keep you in the forefront of technology, and work out with you what is relevant for you and how to leverage technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and RPA.

Technology - our experience

We have an extensive experience of the following technologies


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