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Organisations need partners who implement the change and are held accountable for it. This is exactly how and why we founded Valtatech; to realise change from planning, through to execution and successful implementation.

Jussi Karjalainen, Founder and Managing Partner of Valtatech

We have detailed functional, modular and commercial insights available, to help our customers to get a head start into selecting the best fit technology to serve their needs. Our database of insights covers all leading Source to Pay and Procure to Pay platform in the market.

A world-class source to pay function can add real value to the broader business and drive innovation. Utilising our unique insights working with world-class source to pay operations across the globe we work with you and your management team to define what great looks like and how to get there.

How mature is your organsiations source to pay operations? What is working well and what is holding your organisation back? We take an in-depth look at your current processes and technology to understand where the pain points are and how we can optimise and automate your processes. With these deep insights, we then map out how your automated and optimised processes will look in the future and how to get there.

What technology platforms are best for your business to drive the source to pay optimisation you are seeking? With an extensive database of information for over 42 Source to Pay vendors and a comprehensive vendor analysis toolkit we can ensure that you have the right information to make the right decision.

We have combined experience of 70+ source to pay transformations for businesses of different sizes across different industries. We know what works and how to get it done to deliver real, measurable value.

Did you know that more than 60% of the customer service activity can be automated via technology? Customer services delivered using our best in class automation tools and delivery centre in the Philippines will improve your customer satisfaction whilst offering enormous cost and efficiency benefits.

At least two-thirds of financial audits will comment on supplier data accuracy, reduce your risk profile and let us manage your master vendor data. With expertise in data management and supplier engagement, we can ensure that your vendor data gets accurate and stays accurate.

We have a framework in place to optimise the sourcing of resources for every back-office process and task. Typically, the end result is high value-add roles insourced and transactional tasks outsourced offshore or automated by software robots. We call this SMARTsourcing: sourcing the most efficient method to address every back-office activity.

To support your source to pay transformation and free up your resources for higher value, less transactional tasks we can provide on-going systems, technology and resources to enable your business to support e-invoicing and automate your accounts payable processes.

With experience in over 70 transformation projects we understand change management, augmenting your team we can provide business change specialists to ensure business-wide, successful adoption of your source to pay transformation.

With the support of quality market intelligence data, procurement can build a stronger position in negotiations, manage risks and make data-driven sourcing decisions in key category areas. Our Procurement category intelligence services can support your business to get the best deals possible.

What legacy systems you use shouldn’t hold you back from being able to transform your source to pay function. We can integrate with any legacy platform and simplify the data exchanges to ensure that they are secure, reliable and automated.

Our expertise in Source to pay optimisation enables us to ensure that your processes and technology are working together as efficiently as possible, allowing you to focus on exception value-driving activities instead of transactional ones.

We know that to add real value you have to look beyond just technology and processes, we are committed to ensuring that your source to pay transformation drives real value across your business by embedding value measures across our solutions.

What legacy systems you use shouldn’t hold you back from being able to transform your source to pay function. We can integrate with any legacy platform and simplify the data exchanges to ensure that they are secure, reliable and automated.

Unfortunately, there are bad people out in the world looking to take advantage of your payment processes utilising fake trading names and registration data, incorrect bank details and forging invoices. We remove the risk of this with our compliance engine which can assess the data on your invoices against a set of rules to ensure 100% compliance and zero erroneous payments.

Have your supplier onboarding done by the industry leaders. We have expertise on a large scale supplier onboarding programs for electronic invoicing, procurement, and supply chain finance to maximise adoption of your new processes with your suppliers.

Our expertise in Source to Pay automation enables us to ensure that you are automating the right processes, with the right technology and have the right people to successfully deliver and measure your return.

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