Carousell Coupa Implementation

Carousell Coupa Implementation

Financial process automation experts, Valta Technology Group (Valtatech), were delighted to be selected to support Carousell with their Coupa implementation in 2019.

Why was Valtatech the right fit for Carousell?

Carousell were looking for in-region Coupa implementation and project management support. As Valtatech have extensive Coupa implementation resources across the Asia Pacific region, Coupa recommended Valtatech to support Carousell’s implementation.

How did Valtatech support Carousell

Carousell were implementing a new company-wide instance of Coupa which included a transition of Coupa instance within one of their acquired businesses. Valtatech provided Project Management for the whole project including creation and management of project plans, overseeing the delivery of the build and configuration and issue and risk management.

How long did the project take?

The project kicked off in July 2019 and went live 3 months later in  October 2019.

What were some of the main challenges of the project that Valtatech were able to overcome?

Due to some the cutover period required from an older instance of Coupa within an acquired business the timelines were very tight requiring vert close project management and problem solving from Valtatech to ensure that timeframes were met. One challenge in particular around withholding tax could not be successfully configured through their ERP platform. Valtatech came up with a solution with Coupa to ensure that Carousell’s tax requirements could be effectively met.

Valtatech acted as an important  mediator between Coupa, the ERP integration team and Carousell integration team.  Ultimately, accelerating the integration process through tight management, effective issue resolution and providing expertise around the translation of integration requirements and capabilities into Coupa.

What was Carousell’s processes before the project?

The procurement and invoice processing processes were largely manual and paper-based,  with limited procurement procedures being able to be enforced. After Some negotiations with main suppliers but no formal procurement policies or procedures. One of their acquired businesses were already using Coupa, highlighting the improvement opportunity and benefits that can be realised.

What were the results of the project?

Accounting Senior Manager, D Madan Kumar:

“We save a lot of time in finding out who the spend belongs to ever since we use PO, we…know exactly which team are engaging the vendors… this has help us to boost up productivity by 80%.”

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