What is eInvoicing? <br> How does it drive AP Automation?

What is eInvoicing?
How does it drive AP Automation?

Sending a PDF invoice is, unfortunately, not an eInvoice – why? Well let’s compare the difference, when you send an PDF invoice, the invoice is delivered in a digital format (email as opposed to post) and when your customer receives it they still have to manually review the invoice, re-key the invoice information into their own system and then start to process it.

eInvoicing is the system-to-system exchange of invoice data, where invoices are sent directly from a supplier to a buyer – no manual data entry required at either end of the invoice.

Regardless of how your suppliers are sending their invoices, our range of eInvoicing services ensures that we can drive the highest level of automation possible.

Why Do You Need eInvoicing

  • Onboard ALL of your suppliers

    We provide an easy and accessible way to ensure that invoice data is captured in the most automated and efficient manner possible.

  • Free up your staff to focus on value adding activities

    Remove the need for manual invoice data entry and exception handing to enable your team to focus on higher value activities.

  • Remove the risk of invoice fraud COMPLETELY

    Automated data validation checks and utilising the secure Peppol network, you never have to worry about invoice fraud again.

Remove the risk of invoice fraud COMPLETELY
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AP Automation Solutions

AP Automation Solutions


Our InvoiceSense solutions helps businesses drive Touchless Invoice Processing by providing a cost effective, state of the art invoice data capture and validation that automates your suppliers invoice data entry regardless of how your suppliers are sending their invoices. A full-service model, we ensure that there is no manual invoice data entry or validation required from you. Helping you drastically reduce the risk of invoice fraud whilst driving automation and optimisation.

Invoice Receipt

Invoices are received by you and automatically forwarded to a dedicated invoice email inbox run by us. Invoices can be scanned images of paper documents, text-based or image-based PDFs. Supported file formats by our service include the following file types: png, jpeg, jpg, pdf, tiff, and tif.

Data Capture

Our Intelligent Data Capture module is powered by AI driven optical character recognition (OCR) supported by machine learning capabilities to automatically capture the data from the invoice. Mandatory data capture fields will be agreed with you to ensure that business rules further down the chain can be utilised (e.g. capturing PO number, client number etc). Data not captured accurately by the service is augmented by the Valtatech team, which in turn feeds the AI engine to learn from the exception resolution.


Data Validation

Captured invoice data is validated by our Validation Engine running a series of data checks against the captured invoice data to ensure the validity of the invoice. This can include supplier validation against your supplier master data, ABN checks, invoice data checks (e.g. GST is 10% etc). Any exceptions are typically sent to you for resolution via an exception workflow. Resolutions, again feed our artificial intelligence to learn from the exception resolution.

Invoice Created in your ERP/Procure to Pay Platform

The validated invoice record is automatically created in your ERP or Procure to Pay Platform ready for processing.


Peppol eInvoicing Services

Peppol eInvoicing works by suppliers and buyers sending their invoices or orders directly to each other’s systems through a certified Peppol Access Point. The Access Point verifies the data on the invoice or order and then sends it on to the receiver’s certified Access Point who transmits the data into their system. This means that data is shared almost instantly into the receiver’s system without any manual data entry or manipulation required.

Peppol eInvoicing Services
Peppol eInvoicing Services

About Peppol eInvoicing

Over 1.2 billion Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) invoices are exchanged annually in Australia. The majority of these are sent either as paper invoices or PDF invoices via email. These are costly to process with manual data entry or validation usually required. The Australia Tax Office estimates that:

  • Average invoice processing cost for a paper invoice is $30.87
  • Average invoice processing cost for a PDF invoice is $27.67

Peppol eInvoicing is the automated digital exchange of invoice information directly between a buyer’s and supplier’s systems, removing the need for any manual data entry or validation. The ATO estimates that it can reduce the cost of processing an invoice down to $9.18.


“eInvoices are 66% cheaper to process than PDF invoices.” – Australian Taxation Office

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan have all adopted a globally recognised standard for sending eInvoices and eOrders known as Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine). This standard enables anyone who is part of the network to easily and safely, send eInvoices and eOrders to each other. The standard also enables a simple and accessible way for businesses to be onboarded onto the network.

There are already 200,000+ businesses across 34+ countries on the Peppol network. Valtatech has been accredited as a Peppol certified eInvoicing service provider across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan. Accreditation can only be achieved by meeting strict standards set by the Peppol Authorities in terms of capabilities, security, compliance and performance, so you can be confident that your data is in safe hands working with us.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Our Peppol eInvoicing Services can be utilised for the full end to end order to cash process. From receiving purchase orders into your ERP through to sending your invoices to your customers, all data can be exchanged in a completely automated way through our Peppol Access point and then onto your suppliers Access Points.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Reduce the time spent chasing lost, missing or late payments

Peppol eInvoicing helps in two powerful ways:

  1. Invoices are validated by the network before they are sent, you actually won’t be able to send an invoice to your customer if there is data missing from the invoice that needs to be there. You can have confidence that the invoice being sent to your customers has the information it needs on it.
  2. Invoices sent via the Peppol network are sent digitally, point-to-point – that means 100% of your invoices make it to your customer’s system so that they can process the invoice. This removes the risk that your invoice has ended up with the wrong person, has been misplaced, or forgotten about.

Eliminate the risk of your customers falling for invoice scams

Peppol eInvoicing, by design, is safe and secure – the traffic is encrypted end-to-end so there is no chance that data is going to be intercepted once the invoice is sent. Additionally, this adds confidence and reduces risk for your customers as all buyers and suppliers in the network are validated to ensure they are who they say they are. This almost completely mitigates the risk of your invoices being caught up in an invoice scam with your customers.


Add value to your customers

The benefits for your customers to receive your invoices via Peppol are huge. This will help them reduce their cost per invoice (through time savings), effectively mitigate the risk of invoice fraud as well as give them a scalable way to work with their other suppliers. You can use this as an opportunity to provide extra value for your customer base whilst also seeing direct benefits.

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