We help Coupa customers connect to the Peppol network within weeks

Utilising our pre-built peppol for coupa connector, we make peppol einvoicing and peppol eOrdering easy within Coupa

Our Coupa Peppol connecter is trusted by Coupa customers just like you

What is Peppol?

Peppol is an international eInvoicing and eOrdering standard used in over 35 countries with over 200m+ transactions per year, eInvoicing and eOrdering data is transferred through accredited Peppol Access Points to ensure data integrity and security. Valtatech are an accredited Peppol Access Point in Australia and New Zealand. A number of Peppol eInvoicing mandates being rolled out across APAC over the past 18 months.

What is Peppol?

Is Coupa connected to Peppol?

Out of the box, Coupa only natively supports cXML invoice data which means that Coupa is not able to send or receive Peppol eInvoices or eOrders. We went and built a Coupa Peppol connector to make it easy for Coupa customers to connect to the Peppol network and enable Peppol eInvoices and eOrders.

Peppol in the Coupa context

Peppol can be utilised as a method for both eInvoicing and eOrdering. Within the Coupa ecosystem, Peppol is essentially:

Another door that your suppliers can utilise

Another door that your suppliers can utilise

Another channel that you can send your orders through

Another channel that you can send your orders through

How do you connect Coupa to Peppol?

As long-term implementation partners of Coupa, we have strong expertise in how Coupa works coupled with our expertise in eInvoicing as a certified Peppol Access Point. For our existing customers who are using Coupa we built a Coupa Peppol connector, that seamlessly integrates your Coupa instance with our Access Point so that you can send eOrders via the Peppol network directly within Coupa and also receive Peppol eInvoices within Coupa.

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