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Automating HR and Payroll Processes

April 12, 2021

Automating HR and Payroll Processes

Companies across industries are adopting intelligent automation as part of their digital transformation strategy to become more efficient, boost customer service and increase revenues.

HR teams in large organisations know, how much manual work is involved in hiring and talent acquisition, tracking employees’ time in spreadsheets and payroll. Fluent and flawless payroll with the help of a software robot increases accuracy, timeliness and compliance. The use of software robotics is becoming more common in tasks that require a lot of control and a systematic review of large amounts of data. RPA can be utilised the daily processes required to manage the entire system and with systemic change, when large amounts of data are transferred from an older system into a new one. Robotic Process Automation, on many levels can replace traditional integration functions enabling flexible and rapid implementation.

Typical processes that are automated

Hours Worked

The robot verifies the employee’s hours have been recorded and makes corrections based on reports any differences compared to the shift. Automated reports show if a high number of registered hours, missing hours, overtime, or usage of timeout has occurred for the supervisor to analyse.

Checking Leave Balances

RPA can be applied to automatically reconcile vacation balances between the payroll system and the HR system. Possible exceptions can be reported to the Payroll Team for settlement

Payroll Transfer and Reports

Automating payroll data transfer reporting with RPA increases accuracy, timeliness and compliance. A robot can fill the information out for each processed payroll file into a checklist according to the ISAE standard requirements and automate payroll reports.

New Employees and Validation

Onboarding employees in the payroll system based on new employee notification forms can be automated. In addition, a software robot can check the required information and report detected deviations in employee data.

Employee Master Data Updates

Automate the transfer of employee master data into the payroll system, and note the successful transfer of each file. Digital Workers can check for master data deviations and inform the Payroll Team.

What other Finance and Accounting processes would be suitable for automation?

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