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Challenges In Procurement – Video Interview With Kevin Collon

January 15, 2020

Challenges In Procurement – Video Interview With Kevin Collon

This month we sat down with International Procurement Consultant Kevin Collon to discuss some of the most pressing challenges in corporate procurement and what organisations can do about it. In this interview Kevin covers the following topics:

  • Where is corporate procurement at right now?
  • What organisations are excelling at corporate procurement?
  • What is he most concerned about in corporate procurement?
  • What are the practical things that organisations can do about corporate procurement risk management today?
  • What is holding the practice of corporate procurement back?
  • What keeps you excited about corporate procurement today?

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About Kevin

Kevin Collon has been a senior consultant since 2015.  Based in Sydney Australia, supporting strategic business accounts nationally and internationally. Over 20 years of experience in leadership, global procurement and enterprise business strategy, supply chain  transformation, consulting and business innovation.

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