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Solution As A Service

July 08, 2017

Solution As A Service

The world of IT and enterprise software delivery has truly transformed in the recent times. The emergence of cloud computing  based software, solutions and infrastructure has brought in many opportunities available for organisations of all kinds. Read more to understand its the threats, risk and opportunities.
Solution-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The X As-a-Service concepts are transforming the way software and IT capabilities are offered, delivered, and maintained for organisations.

What is Solution as a Service?

Solution as a Service is a top-tier concept. The first tier is infrastructure as a service, where third-party providers host computing resources. The next step is platform as a service, in which a third-party provides a platform upon which businesses can manage, run, or build web applications. Next up is software as a service, which allows businesses to access software through the cloud.

Solution as a Service is a step beyond software as a service. It provides businesses with the hardware, software, and knowledge necessary to manage the ongoing configuration, improvement and support of their business applications effectively. Solution as a Service is, as the name implies, is a complete solution. Most often than now, Solution as a Service can be delivered on a cost per transaction, or perhaps cost per process basis making the entry costs of organisations low and lowering the cost of entry even for smaller organisations to leverage best in class processes and technology.

  • Top technology delivered:
    Organisations can make a true quantum leap on getting the best technology, best practise processes and continuous maintenance and support for their business applications in a transparent service concept.
  • Reduce risk:
    Many organisations today have trouble keeping up the speed of advancements on technology, and would require massive IT overhaul’s every few years to try and keep up. With Solution as a Service, organisations can change, upgrade, downgrade and cancel their Solution as a Service any time. This can significantly reduce the risk of otherwise being locked into single technology and ensuring you don’t continue putting money into technologies that soon will become obsolete.
  • Scalability:
    Your organisation does not stay stagnant, why should the solutions? Your Solution-as-a-service provider will only charge you what you need. This keeps your vendor honest, and the value for you transparent.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO):
    There is a lot more to consider in the cost of software and capability than just implementation and run. Total cost of ownership on Solution-as-a-service is low, because the providers only focus on delivering solutions focused on the outcomes. They have to, otherwise they would have no business to run. Their service and value is constantly being tested by competitive forces, meaning that the service for your organisation is not just lowest as the time or purchase, it will continue being uplifted as the industry, technologies and process landscape develops.

Valta Technology Group offers Procure To Pay and integration solutions as a service. Reach out to us, to discuss suitability of our solutions for your organisation.

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