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Video – How is Supplier Compliance Managed in Coupa?

May 03, 2022

Video – How is Supplier Compliance Managed in Coupa?

We sat down with our friends at Inside Ageing recently to discuss HammondCare’s procure to pay transformation into Coupa. Head of Procurement from HammondCare, Aaron Passfield, shares in this clip how supplier compliance is managed in Coupa and how easily it can be automated.

This video is an extract from an hour long webinar presented by Inside Ageing and Valtatech, where we speak with HammondCare’s Head of Procurement Aaron Passfield, and Valtatech’s Jussi Karjalainen about the implementation of Coupa, including the outcomes and business gains they’re already seeing.

In the webinar we cover a range of questions such as:

  • Overview of what has been achieved so far
  • The approach Valtatech took with HammondCare
  • The most impactful changes so far
  • The impact of mitigating invoice fraud
  • How did HammondCare get buy-in from across the organisation for this?
  • How has HammondCare’s overall process changed?
  • What sort of ROI can organisations expect?
  • Costs are the one certainty that a provider has and can manage better. How has this enabled HammondCare to better manage costs?
  • How has the purchasing approval process changed for HammondCare?
  • How scalable are procurement platforms? Are they suitable for smaller organisations?
  • What sort of challenges did HammondCare face with the implementation? Were there many issues?
  • What were the specific actions HammondCare undertook to help with change management?
  • How are punchout catalogues used in Coupa? What have been the benefits for users?
  • How have smaller suppliers adapted to the new process?
  • How is supplier compliance managed in Coupa?
  • How would an organisation calculate a business case for a project like this?
  • How well does Coupa integrate with other systems and what integrations are required?
  • What advice would you have for organisations looking to take on a project like this?
  • What are some of the benefits expected in the next phase of the project?

You can view the full video by signing up through the link below, don’t worry we won’t spam you. We’ll send you a link to the interview so you can watch it whenever you want and come back to it if you need.

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