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Video – Steve Green, Change Management Consultant

November 30, 2020

Video – Steve Green, Change Management Consultant

Organisations, now more than ever, need their back-office transformation projects to be successful and deliver the ROI that they had forecasted in their business cases. In our experience across more than 70 successful procure to pay solution projects, we know that it’s connecting the right technology with the right processes and the right people together that is the backbone that drives success.

As part of our commitment to share insights that can help organisations be more successful in their transformation projects, we sat down with Change Management Consultant, Steve Green, to discuss change management best practices and how you can significantly de-risk your projects through successful change management.

In the session we cover the following topics:

  • How would you describe change management in finance and procurement transformations?
  • Where do suppliers fit into the change management process?
  • What are businesses getting right with their change management?
  • What are businesses doing wrong with their change management and why?
  • How can businesses lower the risk of their transformation projects through change management?
  • What are some of the key considerations around change management for finance and procurement transformation projects?
  • Whose responsibility is change management?
  • How should change management approaches differ for executives, middle management and end-users?
  • At what point should you start your change management activities?

About Steve Green

A Business Transformation and Program Change Manager with almost 30 years’ experience consulting, business improvement and management in the Financial, Telecom and Government Sectors. Recent experience has been leading change management teams to deliver large and complex projects at ANZ, NAB, nbn and Telstra. A collaborative leader with a broad range of global experience.

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