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Webinar – The State Of AP Automation Going Into 2021: Year-End Wrap Up Of Valtatech Finance Insights

December 11, 2020

Webinar – The State Of AP Automation Going Into 2021: Year-End Wrap Up Of Valtatech Finance Insights

Throughout 2020 we have been focused on the organisations responses to new ways of doing business. We have run a number of practitioner polls, online surveys, roundtables, and have released several publications sharing what we have learned. This session is a wrap-up of our proprietary insights, providing you with actionable intelligence to position your organization for resiliency in 2021 through accounts payable automation.

The session covers insights into the following:

  • How to fully digitalize accounts payable operations – what’s involved?
  • Best practices from organizations that have undergone transformation
  • Opportunities for significant efficiency gains
  • Clearing the fog – capture full visibility over suppliers and payables

Webinar Hosts

This webinar is hosted by Valtatech Managing Director and Source to Pay Expert Jussi Karjalainen.

Founder and Managing Partner, Valattech

Jussi has been focussed on exploiting technology to simplify and accelerate business growth and deliver measurable value over his 15-year career in optimisation. Jussi has worked with over 50 different organisations across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific in a range of industries gaining a unique insight into the complex world of source to pay. Frustrated with how complex this world was becoming, he founded Valta Technology Group to partner with organisations to simplify their source to pay functions by focussing on value generation over cost-cutting.

About Valtatech

At Valtatech we believe everything a business does should be simple and drive measurable value. To drive simplicity and value we focus on uniting the right technology, with the right people and the right processes. As procurement and finance experts with a combined 30+ years experience, we help organisations regain control of their operations. Through our team’s experience across over more than 60 procurement transformation projects we have developed a number of framework, tools and processes to help guide organisations towards best practice operations. From spend analytics, transformation business case building, procurement strategy development all the way through to delivery of transformation projects and robotic process automation, our focus is on delivering business value in a simple and accessible way.

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