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YQA – Isn’t AP Automation A Complicated And Time Consuming Project To Complete?

March 19, 2021

YQA – Isn’t AP Automation A Complicated And Time Consuming Project To Complete?

Over simplified answer:

No, powered by cloud deployments and repeatable configuration process you can be up and running in 4 weeks.

In more detail:

With our AP Cloud Accounts Payable automation service we take the complexity out of implementation with a well-defined onboarding process. Integration with our AP Cloud is not technologically complex and we have a long, successful track record of working with a range of ERPs.

Step 1 – Discovery
The implementation process starts with an interview with you to fully understand the invoice data capture, coding and approval workflow that is required. This includes establishing who is an authorised approver, what conditions are set for approval and how exceptions should be handled.

Step 2 – Data Import
The next step is to map your master ERP data to our AP Cloud platform either via SFTP or API to ensure your data is securely transferred into the platform.

Step 3 – System Setup
We will conduct system configuration, testing and train users ready for go live. The entire process can be reasonably completed in four weeks and typically, requires about one day of your time for interviews and training.

Step 4 – Supplier Onboarding
The final step in the process is onboarding your suppliers to send invoices to the new system. This is also a very simple process where we set up a central email address for suppliers to send invoices to. We run a supplier onboarding campaign on your behalf to ensure your suppliers are ready to go for go live.

Step 5 – Monthly subscription
Pay monthly based on invoice volume – no lock in contracts.

Accounts payable automation that drives costs down and charged on a pay-as-you-go model is available to businesses of any size.

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